Through the fast expanding networks, Brightwin seeks strategic business alliances in Asia Pacific and other parts of the world. Over the years, many rewarding strategic business partners and alliances were forged. Join us in this exciting fast growing industry.


As part of our expansion plan, Brightwin helps our startegic alliances to establish various customized business affiliate programs that suits different requirement and reward.

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Introducing Brokers

This is the most effective way for any individuals to partake in this exicting revenue sharing scheme. Millions are being paid out monthy. Find out more.

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White Label

With our complete suite of solution and experts a White Label / Franchisee partner you can get to enjoy an immediate and effective turn fey solution of business set up.

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Refer a Friend

Share the benefits of our services with your friends today! We have prepared great Thank-you token for your act of sharing. You make money when your friend trades.

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